Who’d have dreamt that a silly dog could steal our hearts? But she did… every beat and flutter. And when she was gone, we found ourselves remembering each and every special doggy moment.

If you’re reading this, you dig your dog as much as we dug our Lani.

lani – dig your dog has great stuff for dogs and people who dig them.

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our stuffOur bath products are 100% natural, mostly organic, pH balanced for dogs, dye and sulfate free, people-tested and made in the US. They're good for dogs, people and the environment. Just don't drink them or use them on your cat!

just add water, dog and stir.™  


this month we dig
Jenny and Beck are from upstate New York. They're smart, gorgeous and super cuddly. They're the apple of their mom's eye and are loyal users of our shampoo and conditioners. Guess who's who? Hint: Jenny is on the left.
summer 2011

Never leave your pooch in your car during the dog days of summer.

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